A voice so passionate and vivacious, it rings across industries and artforms.

A perspective as unique as it is universal, daily capturing the hearts of thousands.

A woman sharing the knowledge of her varied, hilarious, and heartwarming experiences.

Chasing her dreams out of el barrio all the way to Hollywood, Lydia’s many talents have opened doors for her in multiple industries-- from radio to stage to screen, from comedy clubs to production offices, from writer’s rooms to auditoriums to juvie (as a motivational speaker, of course!)-- she’s conquered it all. A vivacious voice across all spectrums, she’s a life force that always steals the show. No matter the project, be it Oscar-nominated films or lauded one-woman shows, Lydia brings her peerless spicy grit and sharp wit everywhere she goes. A latchkey kid and life-long student of people, Lydia’s storied history and innate abilities allow her to utterly transform into anyone on stage or screen. Channeling her fierce love of acting into every arena she enters, Lydia has decades of stand up, producing, writing, and motivational speaking experience. Championed by hookers, street hustlers, and drag queens in her youth, Lydia now partners with organizations to champion today’s disadvantaged kids. You can bet that whatever she’s up to-- constantly creating content or instructing and inspiring others-- Lydia does it all with her whole heart.