“Funnier than Steve Harvey while giving better advice than Wendy Williams!” Raised by a pimp, a prostitute, and a neighborhood drag queen, Lydia’s unique hustle and take on life have given her a hilarious perspective that has audiences howling across the country and overseas.


Stand-up Comedy Groups

The Hot & Spicy Mamitas is an all Latina stand-up comedy show created by Lydia Nicole, Sully Diaz, and Ludo Vika, and also included Marilyn Martinez and Dyana Ortelli. They took LA by storm with a self titled CD, not to mention their great merchandise, including T-shirts and candles.

Funny Ladies of Color was the brain child of comedian ChaCha Sandoval, who united with Lydia Nicole to produce this funny multi-cultural female stand-up show.


Solo stand-up Performances

Lydia was a regular paid comic at the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory.

She performed all over, including on BET's Comic View.