Motivational Speaking

A self-proclaimed “street pastor” with worldly wisdom, Lydia Nicole is a powerful and engaging speaker, dispensing truth, experience, concern and common sense in her talks. From DEA agents to incarcerated youths and Sunday School classes in between, Lydia’s got words to touch us all.  She is an inspiration to at-risk teens, single mothers, college students and performing artists. She's a favorite speaker at inner-city schools, colleges, churches, juvenile correctional facilities and organizations, as well as individuals across all walks of life.

Mission Statement:

To incite passion, creativity and know-how in others, providing a strong foundation that allows a person to operate from their best self. To assist individuals in breaking the victim image imposed by society, by others or self.To furnish practical and simple how-to methods to ensure and secure success and prosperity in any and every area in life.

Her subjects include:
CUTTING OUT A VISION: Goal setting your way to success.
GOT COMMON SENSE?: How to navigate an artistic career with a business sense.
THE GOD WALK: How to have a personal relationship with God and apply the bible in a practical way.
THE BUSINESS OF HOLLYWOOD: How to create content while building your brand.