Marilyn Martinez

2/9/55  -  11/1/07

Passed away from Colon Cancer

We truly miss her!

Lydia Nicole

"...five unregulated, exquisite, vocal, and sinfully delicious Latinas. They will rock your comedy world." --Latin Style

"The Mamitas deliver a show with the heat of jalapenos." --L.A. Weekly "Comedy Pick of the Week"

"Uninhibited, outrageously funny Latina women..." --Latin Heat

"I don't like them individually, and I definitely don't like them as a group." --Budd Friedman, The Improvisation

photo credit: Joe Umbro

In the early 1990‘s stand up Comedy was dominated by men. There were a few brave, funny and irreverent Latinas who were finding it hard to get regular stage time. So they decided to form the first all Latina stand up show in the country. They would take the stage on their own terms and The Hot & Spicy Mamitas was born. These women teamed up in June of 1994 to bring forth a ninety minute hilarious extravaganza. Five sexy, fiery, and scrumptiously seasoned Latina stand-up comediennes that made men blush and aroused at the same time.  The group comprised of  a well-rounded comedic representation of various Latino backgrounds including a Puerto Rican, a Nuyorican, a Mexican, a New Mexican, and a Dominican. Each Mamita performed solo, delivering a distinct and uninhibited brand of humor -- Sully Diaz, the Virgin Diva Mother; Marilyn Martinez, the Rocky Mountain Hellion; Lydia Nicole, the Harlem Princessa; Dyana Ortelli, Mexican Most Wanted; and Ludo Vika, the Caribbean Queen. Yet these saucy women had one thing in common...they were irreverent, outspoken and undeniably delicious. The Mamitas performed together for six years and opened the door for other Latina women. Although The Hot & Spicy Mamitas are no longer performing together, individually they are all doing wonderful artistic projects.  Their debut comedy CD self-titled The Hot & Spicy Mamitas is still available and can be purchased nationwide and through the Internet on Amazon and CD Universe.

photo credit: Joe Umbro

Hold on to your seats. You're in for one hell of a curvy ride!